“Flush” by Carl Hiaasen

16 Jun


Noah Underwood's dad, taxi driver / fishing boat captain Paine, loves Key West so much that he sinks a polluting casino boat in a misguided effort to save the environment. When Paine ends up in jail, Noah and his little sister Abbey decide to catch Dusty Muleman in the act of dumping the "Coral Queen's" sewage tank into the clean waters of the marina. It takes some time, but Noah and Abbey — with the help of tough yet kind-hearted bartender Shelley — come up with a foolproof plan. They're going to flush fuchsia food coloring down the Coral Queen's toilets and then alert the Coast Guard to the brightly colored trail leading straight back to the dumping ship. The only problem? How to actually sneak on board, flush the dye, and get away without being spotted by Dusty's violent bodyguard, Luno.

This book is entertaining and funny, but it also provides real insight into the complicated problem of environmental pollution.

Did you read "Flush"? Did you like it more than "Hoot"? Why?

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