“Point Blank: An Alex Rider Adventure” by Anthony Horowitz

08 Aug


"Point Blank" is the second installment (after "Stormbreaker") in Horowitz's "Alex Rider" series, but enough back story is provided early on that the reader can jump right in here. Alex had been recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6 to work as a spy for them … even though he is only 14 years old!

This time around, Alex gets sent to Point Blanc, a super exclusive school in the mountains of France for the world's richest, most spoiled young men. Alex is undercover as the son of a wealthy, British supermarket magnate, sent in to investigate what ties the school has to the recent, mysterious deaths of the fathers of two of its students. When he arrives at the school, Alex is troubled by the fact that most of the boys seem oddly similar to each other. From there, he's determined to find out exactly what Dr. Grief, who runs Point Blanc, is doing on the two secrets floors of the school. And why are there so many armed guards when there are so few students?

This is a good, exciting adventure story with an interesting setting. It's easy to root for Alex, since he seems like a real boy who, despite being scared, tries to do what's best. Boys and girls will both find a lot to like in this fast-paced book.

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