“New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer

07 Sep


This book is the exciting sequel to "Twilight," the wonderfully romantic and adventure-filled vampire story. The adventures continue in "New Moon" as Bella discovers that some things in life — such as love — aren’t always things that are easy to deal with. Edward himself has other problems. Bella needs to save him before he gets himself killed and her life squashed for no reason at all, other than a misunderstanding by the lovely but unkind-to-Bella Rosalie. Can Bella survive the tragedies that strike her? Can she continue her friendship with Jake, or is he too in love with her to be anything but her boyfriend? This book is one of the "Leave-Me-Alone-I’m-Reading" types, where you just can’t put it down for anything … until you’ve finished it, that is.

Rating: BEST BOOK EVER! 5 stars.

TEEN LIBRARIAN'S NOTE: In this case, one of our (very lucky) teen reviewers read an advanced copy of "New Moon." Rest assured, our Library copy is being processed and will be out shortly. Until then, you might want to tide yourself over by visiting author Stephenie Meyer's "New Moon" page. She's even got the first chapter posted there. Happy reading!

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