“Veronica Mars, Season One”

19 Oct


Ok, so it's not a book, but since we own Season One on DVD at the Library … and since I just watched it! … I thought I'd review it here.

"Veronica Mars" is a combination of high school drama and noir mystery. Yes, it's one of those shows where you have to watch every episode to get the most out of it, but it's definitely worth the commitment of your time. You'll be rewarded in the end, I promise!

Here's the setup: Veronica was once one of the popular kids at Neptune High in southern California. Then her best friend Lilly Kane was murdered and Veronica's sheriff dad, Keith, accused Lilly's father of being somehow involved in her death. As the first season starts, Veronica is a complete pariah at school, Keith has become a private investigator after losing his job, and, to make matters worse, Veronica's mom has taken off. Veronica believes in her father's investigation, as she senses that the Kane family — including her ex-boyfriend Duncan — is covering up the truth about Lilly's murder. So Veronica takes matters into her own hands and begins looking into the case herself.

The entire first season involves Veronica investigating Lilly Kane's death, and clues and some red herrings (that is, false clues) are revealed slowly over time. Along the way, Veronica solves lots of smaller mysteries, including a missing neighbor, stolen poker money, kidnapped dogs, and backstabbing AP students. The single-episode mysteries are intriguing, as is the larger "Who Killed Lilly Kane?" question. Over the course of the year, it's great to see Veronica's character evolve; she even becomes more connected to her classmates as a result of her superior abilities as a detective. Interestingly, the show also includes a kind of social commentary on class differences, as apartment-dwelling Veronica lives in a very different world from her super-wealthy classmates.

Veronica is a smart, sarcastic, tough, no-nonsense character. She's super fun to watch, as is her unlikely group of friends, which includes basketball star Wallace, biker thug Weevil, computer geek Mac, and, eventually, her former arch-nemesis, rich brat Logan.

If you're looking for a good mystery with some high school entanglements — and if you love one-liners, sarcastic wit, and a strong female lead character — "Veronica Mars" may be the show for you.

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