“7 Days at the Hot Corner” by Terry Trueman

26 Mar


Terry Trueman is the author of "Stuck in Neutral," which many of you middle school students may have read as required summer reading. That one is a book about a severely disabled boy who appears to be in a non-responsive state, but who is actually quite intelligent. (Click here if you'd like to learn more about "Stuck in Neutral.")

"7 Days at the Hot Corner" is somewhat similar in that it is narrated by a teen boy; told in clear, simple language; and is rather short and easy to read. It's also quite serious and thought provoking. Basically, "7 Days" is senior baseball player Scott's story about discovering that his longtime best friend, Travis, is gay. The entire story, as the title indicates, takes place over the course of a week in which Scott's baseball team is playing for a championship. Travis' revelation that he's gay throws Scott's world into chaos. Because his parents kicked him out, Travis has moved in with Scott and his dad. Despite their friendship, lots of tension exists between the two boys. Scott, in particular, has an incredibly hard time accepting the fact that his best friend likes boys. Over the course of the story, Scott must learn to reevaluate both his assumptions about others and his friendship with Travis.

I quite liked this book. It's very short, and it raised lots of issues that would prompt a nice discussion. There's plenty of baseball action here, which helps drive the story, and Scott's voice is so honest — he does stupid things, he's believably confused — that readers will be drawn into the story through him. I'd recommend this book for readers in middle school and higher.

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