“Audrey, Wait!” by Robin Benway

23 May


After she dumps him, Audrey's ex-boyfriend, Evan, writes a killer breakup song, appropriately titled, "Audrey, Wait!" To Audrey's great surprise and humiliation, Evan's local band, the Do-Gooders, records the tune. Before she knows it, the Do-Gooders have scored a gigantic national hit with the song, turning Audrey into an unwilling celebrity. In no short order, she is being stalked by aggressive paparazzi, gossip columnists, overexuberant fans, and even shady musicians seeking to exploit her for their own fame. Oh, but there's also a free BMW and VIP access to great shows, so maybe life isn't all bad.

"Audrey, Wait!" is the kind of frothy, zippy chick lit that most of you female readers will recognize in a heartbeat. Audrey is the typically smart, sarcastic heroine of such books, and she's also got Victoria, the standard no-nonsense best friend; James, the quiet, secretly hot co-worker at the ice cream store; and Sharon, the mean popular girl who undermines her at every turn.

If you can suspend your disbelief — would the subject of a one-hit wonder song really cause such an avalanche of media attention? — and look past the conventional chick lit setup, you should enjoy this one. If the characters and situations are a bit stock, at least there's ample humor, a quick pace, several genuinely sweet moments, a believable romance, and plenty of cool music references. So while nothing here will surprise you, you'll likely find "Audrey, Wait!" to be an entertaining, fun book perfect for the beach.

One quick warning: There's a literal ton of harsh language in this book, which struck me as a touch gratuitous. I'd say this one is definitely for the high school set. Please let us know if you liked it!

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