“Darth Vader and Son” by Jeffrey Brown

26 Apr


Cutest. Thing. Ever. Seriously!

“Darth Vader and Son” is a new board book from Chronicle Books, and it’s just about the most darling, hysterical gift book I’ve seen in ages. If the hail of giggles coming from everyone who has seen it are any indication, I’m not alone in my judgment. The book’s 60+ pages each feature a single, full-color illustration of a bitingly funny take on a scene from one of the “Star Wars” movies. So, yeah, it helps if you are a bit of a “Star Wars” geek like me.

Darth Vader is depicted here as the doting, well-meaning, somewhat hapless dad of four year old Luke Skywalker. Ol’ Darth is no Sith Lord here; instead, he does all the typical father / son activities — albeit while wearing his mask and cape — including soccer, ice cream, story time, bike riding, tickle sessions, and hide and seek. He even feigns delight at Luke’s gift of a tie (thought bubble: “I can’t wear this”), nervously handles potty time issues and birds and bees questions, and has to sort through Luke’s potential playmates (Leia: yes; Han Solo: no). Without losing its humor, the book maintains an overall sense of warmth and affection.

Kids will think this book is adorable, but the real market is probably teens and adults, who will understand all the humor and “Star Wars” references and fully appreciate the sweet tone. “Darth Vader and Son” is a perfect little gift for Father’s Day or birthdays (hint!). Thank you Chronicle Books for sending along such a lovely surprise. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see what a treasure you guys have here. Enjoy!

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