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“Runner” by Carl Deuker


Chance is a high-school senior who lives with his alcoholic father on a beat-up, old sailboat moored in the Seattle marina. Chance, who runs every day, is soon recruited by “the fat man” to pick up packages hidden in the rocks along the beach. Although Chance suspects that he's transporting drugs for the fat man, he is in desperate need of cash to pay bills, buy groceries, and save the boat. Chance and his friend Melissa soon realize that Chance has become involved in a terrorist plot … and that he's actually been picking up packages containing plastic explosives!

This is a timely book — it includes discussions on the meaning of patriotism, the war in Iraq, and terrorism — but it's also fast-paced and reads like an action thriller. The climactic scenes of Chance and his dad battling against time to save Seattle are riveting.

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