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“Blue Bloods” by Melissa de la Cruz


"Blue Bloods" is a quick, easy, slightly trashy read … no more, no less. Think of it as Gossip Girl meets Dracula. Got the picture? Schuyler ("Sky") is a sophomore at a posh, exclusive school on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Sky gets invited to join the Blood Bank Committee, a charity organization which is really just a front for the “Blue Bloods,” an ancient tribe of vampires. Don't worry, these Blue Bloods don't feast on humans. In fact, someone — or something — is targeting and killing the Blue Bloods themselves. Sky and her friends investigate the history / mythology of vampires in the hopes of finding who the murderer is. Along the way, you'll get lots of descriptions of clothes, cars, and shoes. Yeah, it's shallow, but it's fun, too. Just don't expect too much. And keep an eye out for sequels … the book ends in a cliffhanger.

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